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Do you need National Insurance Number (NINO)?

If you recently came to the UK and do not have National Insurance Number you can apply to get one. 

Or maybe you had NI Number before but you have lost the card and cannot remember the number itself.

Many people who are working and don't yet have a National Insurance number will be taxed at a much higher emergency rate. To avoid this, it makes sense to get your number as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the process can sometimes take many months and can be time-consuming to do yourself.

What is it?

National Insurance number is your own personal account number. It is unique to you and you keep the same one all your life. It makes sure that the National Insurance contributions and tax you pay are properly recorded against your name. It also acts as a reference number when communicating with the Department for Work and Pensions and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

You will have to give your National Insurance number to:

We can help you obtain or track your National Insurance Number.

Capital Agency offers an Easy National Insurance service. The friendly NINO team at Capital Agency will do all the hard work for you such as registering your details with the DWP, arrange for the signature application form to be posted out to you or alternatively book your Evidence of Identity interview, depending on the passport you are travelling on. They check the application form is accurate before submitting and will also provide you with a letter of employment if you haven't started working yet.

We offer two solutions:

Entered the UK on a passport from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine or any other Non-EEA country AND have a UK Visa sticker in your passport that was issued outside the UK?
Simply fill out our application form, sign it and you will get your National Insurance number in the post - easy! Timesaving and hassle-saving - no need to attend an interview. 

All other customers/passports 
Simply complete our online form, pay online, and we'll organise an Evidence of Identity (EOI) interview for you at your closest interview centre. After you attend the interview, you will be advised of your National Insurance number once it's processed.

All our customers benefit from detailed guidance on completing the application form and/or attending the interview - and we can even provide you with a letter showing that you are registered with an employer.

If you are currently outside the UK, we will only be able to start work on your application once you have been in the UK for 24 hours. Typically, an application will take 2-4 weeks to process (often sooner!).

To complete your Easy NINO application please ensure you have your passport with you; and if you are currently working - have your employer name and address details to hand.

Contact us if you need any help with obtaining the National Insurance Number whether you have lost it or if you never had it.

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Note: You must have the right to work or study in the UK to get a National Insurance number.